Women’s Sexual Wholeness

As Women, we are still carrying many wounds, not only our personal ones but also the wounds of our lineage and our collective past. Not that many years ago we were burned alive just for gathering healing herbs and showing empathy to animals.

Going through a journey of sexual healing myself, I trust that once we detox ourselves from shame, guilt and fear regarding our sexuality and embrace ourselves fully including our shadows, we will be able to embody our divinity in our sacred temples that located in our own bodies. This is a path of inviting pleasure in all its forms and colors as our birthright.

We are living in remarkable times, we have the freedom to grow and blossom like never before.

Every woman that heals herself and shines her light opens a gateway to other women too.

I feel a deep calling to support this journey of awakening as I truly believe that the future of this planet depends on the co- creation and sisterhood of powerful, switched-on women.

I offer private and group sessions as well as talks and retreats.