Feeding the Hungry Ghost

Sufferring from addictions or self destructive behaviour? How to work with the hungry ghost inside.

What is the hungry ghost?
It is an empty space inside that is constantly trying to be filled with external stimuli. Over indulgence in food, shopping, sex, sleep, screens, alcohol, drugs etc are all ways to feed that internal ghost.
It is a yearning to feel inner peace and containment, which we all thrive for.
These are ways to properly feed the inner ghost:

1. Allow suppressed emotions from past or present to be fully felt.
The only way to heal it is to feel it, there are no short cuts.
All emotions are valid, there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ ones. Anger is as spiritual as bliss.
Find yourself some time alone and allow yourself to dive deep into the emotions that want to move through you. The more you allow yourself to feel the deeper the healing will be. Find a way to discharge intense emotions in a safe way without harming yourself or others. Any physical activity that breaks sweat is recommended.
Remember, crying is the greatest medicine, so give yourself permission to cry as much as needed. No emotions stay forever, they shift and change when we fully allow them.

2. Connection with nature.
Spending time with the ultimate mother, reminds us that we are part of the whole, it amplifies our connection to spirit. Explore the woods, mountains and the magnificent beauty of mother earth. A swim in the oceans, rivers and lakes is cleansing and uplifting.

3. Self-love. Everything always comes back to more self-love.
Can you be compassionate and forgive yourself for any judgements you have placed upon yourself? Can you open up to the love that you are and directing towards self?
TLC, pampering and doing things that makes your soul happy, will shift you to the right direction. Place yourself first. Before partners, parents, children, etc.
Only when your cup is full can it spill out to your loved ones.

4. Add the positive in.
When trying to overcome self-destructive patterns, I find it helpful to raise the inner frequency with adding new positive behaviour rather than fighting the old. The new high vibrations create the platform for the desired change with less effort.
There was a time in my life when I was trying to stop smoking. It took a huge amount of self-discipline to fight the need to light a cigarette and I found my self falling back into the addiction whenever a crisis came by. On the other hand, when I started raising my vibrations in terms of the food I ate, the exercise I did and my daily practice, I started a motion of an upward positive spiral that eliminated my need to smoke, naturally, and with ease.

5. A hungry ghost is an invitation to connect to self and to spirit and there is no better way to fill this emptiness than the practice of meditation.
Sitting quietly for 20 min a day and observing the mind without judgment. Even if the thoughts are racing, let them be, without attaching to them, let them move like clouds in the sky. With regular practice, stillness will arrive too. This simple practice creates a vortex of miracles that ripples throughout the day and have a major lasting effect. It is the ultimate food for the soul and that is what we are actually after.

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