How I direct the power of my Orgasms to manifest my dream Life

We all watched the movie “The Secret” and it opened a new realisation of our ability to manifest our dreams with the power of our mind and emotions. It is the intention that we send out to the universe that creates a frequency which resonates with the experiences we call into our lives. So how about using the power of the most potent energy of creation?

Our Orgasm holds the key to creation and manifestation of our desires, of what we came here to embody, to be, to do and to enjoy.

If you can’t experience orgasms, then something is blocking this energy in your body, usually due to some kind of past traumatic experience or a limiting belief. It can be shifted by doing embodied conscious work. In my work with women, I witnessed how women reclaim the power of their orgasms.

We are all sexual beings born from at least one orgasm (I doubt that many of us were lucky to be born out of two orgasms…)

We live in very exciting times, in the midst of transition, emerging from many years of patriarchy, which created confusion and misunderstanding of our sexual energy. We have to ask ourselves why every religion fear a sexually powerful woman. We also have to ask ourselves why the world’s current state of sexuality is in a mutated condition. The latest overwhelming #Metoo global sharing has revealed that most women on this planet, been through some form of sexual dishonouring, abuse or violence.

I experienced my first orgasm when I was 10 years old during a vaginal stimulation by my stepfather.

Being so young and tender, it swept me off my feet and completely changed my childish world. My sexuality was awakened too soon and was robbed of its innocence. The orgasmic energy got wired with feelings of guilt, shame and disgust.

I also learned from society all sorts of statements like: “good girls don’t do sex”, “sex is dirty” alongside women being objectified and porn.

For more than two decades, my orgasms were wired with guilt, shame and disgust. Pleasure and pain. An outburst of the sense of separation and deep emptiness.

I was totally disconnected from my body, and even more so from my pussy (vagina is not an appropriate name. did you notice that we don’t even have a proper name to describe our most sacred gateway?!)

The only way I could turn on my sexuality and get an orgasm was when I dived into erotic fantasies in my mind. These fantasies changed over the years but nevertheless, were all reinforcing the very familiar attached feelings of guilt, shame and disgust.

I was so frustrated that even with the men I fell in love with, I could not make love. My body was numb and I had to bypass it with my mind.

I felt that love and sexuality were miles apart from each other and it was my path to merge them together.
I have been working on healing my sexuality for many years and I have done lots of therapy, workshops and groups. I read many books on the subject and did a lot of self-work. I had to pave my own healing journey as I couldn’t find many resources out there. Step by step I managed to reclaim my sovereign sexuality until I stumbled upon a new way to rewire my brain from its old programming and into empowering my life. I started to direct the energy of my orgasms to manifest what I call into my life. I visualised this potent energy healing a health condition that I had and it worked instantly like magic.

I then started directing this powerful energy into attracting the support I needed for my work, professional collaborations, harmony in my relationship and so on.

In my upcoming book, “Unapologetically Me”, I use a very real, authentic and raw voice to tell my wildlife story.
Through the thread of my sexual healing journey I share in depth the healing path of my own sexuality through my personal relationship, motherhood and my extraordinary adventures in the search for truth and happiness, highlighting a spiritual quest of 4 years around the world together with my partner (of two decades) and 3 young children (Not a walk in the park… you can imagine). I also share our powerful few years experience of living in a spiritual community in the jungle of Costa Rica called, Pachamama, (meaning, Mother Earth) which is one of the most powerful transformational hubs in the world for an accelerated human evolution, simply said, for an awakening.

In my courage to question all the existing systems and the current matrix of life, I had to let go of a highly successful business in order to stay in alignment to my life purpose and in the process break some social conditioning and taboos, walking my talk as the heroine of my life rather than the victim of my story.

4 thoughts on “How I direct the power of my Orgasms to manifest my dream Life

  1. Vivienne Goldstein says:

    Wow! Nunaisi – I so resonated with what you have written! I have had the same dilemma regarding orgasms. I have a very loving and caring lover but I still battle to reach a natural, uncomplicated guilt free orgasm. I was date raped as a young teenager and have always linked back to that first frightening experience. I on my own am able to experience an awesome orgasm but battle with a partner. You really have taken your negative experience and turned it on it’s head! I salute you for taking your life back and finding your inner magic.

    • Nunaisi
      Nunaisi says:

      thank you for reaching out and blessings on your journey dear. keep checking in as I soon release a free minicourse on sexual healing and how to transform sexual wounds into a source of power.

  2. pets-health says:

    Your sensuality is not about the act of having sex. It is about how you experience the world through your senses and how you feel about yourself as a sensual being.

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