Munay – Sacred Space

Munay means Unconditional Love and Will in Quechua, the language of the Inca’s.

This is a Sacred Space carefully created and activated to support the people who enter it to feel safe, held and loved.

The ancient shape of the Tipi is such that it is believed to be a transformational vessel that embodies the understanding of the connection between the physical and the metaphysical realms symbolising the Womb. The energy spirals 
upwards, connecting the earth with the sky and beyond.

In the middle of the circle, is a Sacred Altar, consciously created in the shape of a Womb with the two ovaries, representing the sacred temple of creation.

Sitting in this space, feeling the earth below, in the presence of the sacred fire, surrounded by all the water, connects one to the elements and makes it the ultimate container to expand, feel deeper, recharge and to let go of what’s no longer needed.

There are many different Offerings such as Ceremonies, Rituals, Breathwork sessions, singing circles, private sessions and Women Awakening work.