Orgasmic Living

Orgasmic Living⭐️

The orgasm is at the peak of the highest form of pleasure possible to experience in the human body. There are many gateways available to us for a variety of orgasms; the clitoris alone has ten thousand nerve endings dedicated solely for pleasure and is only one of those gateways.


Being orgasmic is your birthright; you have been designed for it in every way and if you are not experiencing it (yet) and

you are yearning for it, I want to reassure you that there nothing is wrong with you. There is just some shame-clearing to do, in order to open this channel.


Yes, being orgasmic is about allowing the life-force energy to move through you in waves of utter pleasure. But it is more,

way more than that. It is about meeting your soul. It is about plugging into the frequency of creation in the most direct way
divine. It is about the ultimate intimate connection with yourself, with another and with the divine. It is about making love.
This life-force energy has the power to create new life. It is sacred, it is innocent and yet it is the most damaged energy on 
the planet.


What is Orgasmic Living?

An orgasm happens in a moment of ultimate arousal when one is fully embodied. It means allowing all the sensation of the 
body to open with no resistance; free and trusting.

We all have the key to living in the ecstatic zone. To be aroused for life; fired by our passions and to be living freely, 
trustingly and to be open, with no inner resistance. We can learn unconditional self-love, compassion, and acceptance for 
our authenticity and uniqueness.

The orgasmic zone is the balance, peace, and harmony between the inner feminine and inner masculine; the human 
and the divine, the dark and the light, the yin and the yang. It is living in pleasure, connection, and love. It is surrendering to 
the flow of life, however, it chooses to move through us in the present moment. It is about receiving and giving from a space
of abundance. 
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