Reclaiming the beauty of sexuality after abuse

Sexual wounds are an epidemic.
Statistics show that one out of 3 women and 1 out of 6 men were directly abused as children. In the latest #MeToo tsunami, we were overwhelmed by the horrid stories of abuse, violence, and molestation.
Sexual wounds are so deep, it is the most intimate offense, that can haunt us right throughout our life, locked in years of confusion and pain denying ourselves the enjoyment of healthy sexuality.

Our sexuality is the core of our life force energy, it is our creative energy. Sexual wounds affect every area of our life, contaminating our sexual drive, our sexual expression, our intimate relationships, our sexual functioning, our sexual behavior and our sense of morality, it also affects our self-image, self-esteem and the way we perceive ourselves and perform in this world.

Sexual wounds don’t just go away or disappear, they call for a profound personal growth work.
Consciously stepping into the healing journey can become our greatest gift, our allay to spiritual growth.

I have experienced my first orgasm by my stepfather at the age of nine, in a very complicated family dynamic. It shook my world to the ground. As a young girl who was naturally wired for pleasure, I lost my innocent orgasmic flow. My sexual energy became wired with shame, guilt, and disgust for decades to come. My deep hurt fueled my will to heal and I had to pioneer a way of healing my sexuality, a way that I have the courage to share intimately and to shine light upon, with the intent to support the spiritual evolution of women.

In my upcoming book: “Unapologetically Me- Reclaiming my sacred sexuality” I unveil my own healing journey and share the path of healing myself which allowed me to unlock the mechanics of somatic healing. This alchemical process has the potential to turn a wound into a source of power, into a golden light.

I trust that my story is important and empowering enough to be shared in this transparent way and that it will lead the way for global sexual healing.
My mission is to heal our sexuality as a collective. To reclaim sexuality as the sacred, pure, innocent, divine, magical, healing, transformative, creative power it is. This energy is our birthright, we are naturally wired for pleasure, joy, connection, orgasm, prayer, and love.

I know that a sexually healed woman, embodied and empowered, is an unstoppable creative force that will heal this planet. She can create all her soul-aligned desires and at the same time be the source of light for her family, her community and possibly the entire world. She even has the power to become the one who transmutes healing to her intimate beloved.

Watch also for my upcoming free programme called Sexual Alchemy, on how to transform wounds into your golden power, so you can reclaim your Sacred Sexuality.
When you reclaim your sexuality, you reclaim yourself!

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